Watson-Marlow Tubing

Watson-Marlow is the only peristaltic pump manufacturer to have its own tubing extrusion plant, giving a short supply chain and total quality. Tubing is available in 10 different materials and 50 different sizes, from 0.13mm to 40mm.


Table-top filling units

Pumpsil - Platinum cured silicone tubing

• Repeatable accuracy
• Ultra smooth bore
• -4F to 176F (-20C to 80C)


Bioprene - Thermoplastic tubing

• Long peristaltic life
• Low permeability
• 23F to 176F (5C to 80C)/p>

Pureweld XL

PureWeld XL - Weldable biopharmaceutical tubing

• Low internal spallation
• -4F to 176F (-20C to 80C)


GORE STA-PURE PCS reinforced silicone tubing

• Long available peristaltic tube life
• Biopharmaceutical applications
• -4 to 176F (-20 to 80C), to 100psi (7 bar)


GORE STA-PURE PFL reinforced fluoroelastomer tubing

• Extreme chemical resistance
• Biopharmaceutical applications
• -4 to 176F (-20C to 80C), to 60psi (4 bar)


Bulk Pumpsil, silicone or TPE tubing

• Custom sizes and lengths
• Custom packaging
• Custom laser coding


Marprene long life process tubing

• Exceptional long life
• Wide chemical compatibility, especially resistant to oxidizing agents
• 3F to 176F (5 to 80C), up to 100psi (7 bar)


Neoprene industrial application tubing

• Handles abrasive slurries
• Up to 30psi (2 bar)
• 32F to 176F (0 to 80C)

Tubing validation

Watson-Marlow Tubing Validation

• Request a validation guide
• Request a factory audit
• Upload a supplier questionnaire

Connectors and fittings

Connectors and fittings for science and industry

• Range of barb fittings
• Liquid and gas handling
• 1.5mm to 25.4mm