Flexicon Aseptic Liquid Filling

Flexicon offers a range of aseptic liquid filling and capping systems that grow with your business, from stand-alone units for hand filling, through semi-automatic systems, to fully automatic filling, stoppering and capping machines. The fully automatic systems are customised to fit any glass vial, plastic bottle, test tube, eye-dropper or non-self standing microtube.

• Modular liquid filling solutions which will grow with your business
• Designed to perfection for flexible small batch filling applications
• Highly flexible and accurate OEM peristaltic fillers for integration into filling lines


Table-top filling units

Table-top filling units

• From <0.2ml to >5000ml
• Prevents costly overfilling
• Suitable for intensive use
• Intuitive user interface

OEM filling units

OEM filling units for intensive use

• Integration of up 16 fillers
• Prevents costly overfilling
• No dripping or splashing
• Global technical support

Automatic filling

Fully automatic filling and capping for production

• Just one operator needed
• Reliable and easy to use
• Fast changeover
• Very accurate capping

Automatic filling

Fully automatic filling and capping for small batch production

• From 2R to 100H vials
• Ø13 and Ø20 mm stoppers/caps
• Perfect for clinical trial filling
• Excellent validation pack

Semi Auto Filling

Semi-automatic filling and capping

• Consistent cap torque prevents leaking bottles
• Protects against repetitive strain injuries
• Handles bottles up to 50 mm in diameter
• Increased productivity and fast changeover between bottles and screw caps

Semi Auto Filling

Semi-automatic filling

• No format parts required
• Handles bottles or vials up to 78 mm in diameter
• Unique cost of ownership
• Small foot print

Single use

Single-use fluid paths for Flexicon fillers

• Sterile and ready to use
• Huge validation savings
• Ideal for smaller batches
• Contamination is prevented


Filling and capping accessories

• For high filling accuracy
• Free validation pack
• Fast and reliable supply

Dispensing pumps

Dispensing pumps

• From <1ml to >5000ml
• For food, cosmetic and chemical applications
• IP66 versions

Tabletop capping units

Tabletop capping units

• Prevent repetitive strain injuries
• High quality capping
• For bottles or vials
• Crimp capping or screw capping