Bredel Hose Pumps and Elements

Bredel hose pumps and hose elements offer the maximum reliability and lowest maintenance for high-flow, high-pressure duties. With operating pressures up to 16 bar (1,600 kPA) and flow rates up to 100 m3/h, Bredel hose pumps save time and money by handling the toughest applications in a wide range of industries.


Bredel hose pumps

Bredel hose pumps

• Up to 475 USGPM, 232psi (16 bar)
•Rugged, industrial
•Abrasive handling

APEX hose pumps

APEX hose pumps

• Up to 27.3 USGPM, 115psi (6200 l/hr, 8 bar)
•Dosing, metering, transfer
•Optimised for process uptime

MR high flow sanitary pumps

Bredel CIP hose pumps

• Up to 37 USGPM
•Pressure to 232psi (16 bar)
•FDA, EC, EHEDG and 3A standards

EcoSine sanitary pumps

Bredel long life hose elements

•Precision machined hose elements
•Pressure to 232psi (16 bar)
•Six materials